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A practical approach to amplifying scholarly practice through digital technology.pptx (3.01 MB)

A practical approach to amplifying scholarly practice through digital technology

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posted on 2023-04-21, 22:07 authored by Sue BeckinghamSue Beckingham, Dawne Irving-BellDawne Irving-Bell

Presented at the Association of National Teaching Fellows Symposium 2023 by Sue Beckingham and Professor Dawne Irving-Bell


This presentation focuses on approaches individuals can employ to share their teaching excellence in a way that celebrates their contribution, assures recognition, and secures metrics that offer an indication of the works reach, value and impact.   

Taking into consideration the broad spectrum of work that can be defined as ‘scholarly practice’ e.g., research informed teaching, pedagogy in and beyond the classroom, and the scholarship of learning and teaching, our presentation illuminates several approaches and demonstrates how they can be used to share these important outputs more widely. 

Considering both the benefits and challenges, approaches to the effective dissemination of scholarship will include the innovative use of digital technology, highlight the ‘best’ social media platforms, and draw delegates attention to the award-winning National Teaching Repository. 

Sharing real-life examples of scholarly outputs in multiple multi-media based formats (e.g., teaching resources, infographics and audio) we will demonstrate, step-by-step, the dissemination journey that delegates can adopt themselves. In addition to mapping the practical steps, the presentation will highlight how and why sharing one’s scholarship is beneficial, but also why it is important to find and try new ways of sharing. 



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