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Lockdown Rainbow

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posted on 2020-08-10, 14:45 authored by Toni BewleyToni Bewley
Positive illustration about overcoming Covid-19 and learning new ways of working.

To aid accessibility, an alt text description has been added to the image metadata. This reads:

My Lockdown Rainbow: a text description of the resource. This poster is a colourful illustration, showing a blue sky with a rainbow in the centre. At the top-left corner, there is a raincloud, and at the top-right corner the sun is shining. Each colour band of the rainbow features a different message. The levels read: 'COVID-19' (Red), 'Testing' (Orange), 'Social distancing' (Yellow), 'Vaccine development' (Green), 'New ways of working with service users and students' (Blue), 'Opened up communication channels virtually' (Indigo), and 'Enabled new ways of working' (Violet). At the bottom, there is a pot of gold and the statement, "We will overcome COVID 19 and have learned new ways of working".



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