Edge Hill University

Toni Bewley

Senior Lecturer (Health sciences)

Ormskirk , Lancashire

I am an adult and children's nurse. I have spent since 2000 teaching in Higher Education. My passion is Co production and accordingly I chair the Service User and Carer Group in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine, as well as the institutional Co production at Edge Hill group. Research interests include social issues in society, frailty, young people right to have a voice and disability issues. My teaching portfolio is inclusive of leading a team of nursing lecturers to Harbin Medical University, Daqing , China to teach student nurses there through the medium of English. I have also researched into the involvement of patients and care givers in MCON, Manipal India on two occasions. In both China and India I am undertaking research involved with informally linking student nurses from China to those in UK and the same in India. Recently I was invited to be a key note speaker in Manipal , India online, for the series relating to COVID 19 and strategies for mitigation.

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