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#TELresearchers with Dr Donna Lanclos & Prof. Lawrie Phipps

posted on 2023-10-01, 21:33 authored by Puiyin WongPuiyin Wong

Neither Donna nor Lawrie are your typical TEL researchers, but both of them have done a huge amount of TEL or as they would probably prefer to say, digital education, related research. Their research impact reaches far and wide in the HE community across the world with particular (not exclusive) focus on digital education leadership and generally speaking up for the little people, or officially/technically those of use third spacers.

Find out more about Donna & Lawrie: https://bit.ly/TEL_DonnaLawrie_0223

Please note, when our guests identify themselves as HE researchers, we use #HEresearchers in addition to #TELresearchers. However, when referring to us as a series and/or citing us, using #TELresearchers only is appropriate.


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