Edge Hill University

Puiyin Wong

PhD researcher (Educational technology and computing; Higher education)


Puiyin Wong is a senior learning designer in a UK university and a Trustee of ALT (Association for Learning Technology). She has worked in the intersection of creative arts education and digital technology since 2006. Puiyin’s current research focuses on how technology can enable and support the development of learning networks, subsequently how learners can benefit from the dissemination of knowledge in these networks. She is also interested in exploring the interplay and tension between pedagogies and technology: does one element have to be more important than the other? She is totally partial to anything Threshold Concepts related. Puiyin has founded a successful webinar series, #TELresearchers, where respected TEL (and sometimes HE) Researchers are invited to talk about their research journeys. The uniqueness of the series is its focus—it is about the researchers not the research. This is a collaboration with CTEL and it is coordinated by a small group of peers currently on the PhD

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