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Moving with Pain and Being The Expert in My Own Body. Ian Tennant interviews Emma Meehan and Bernie Carter.

posted on 2021-06-16, 14:48 authored by Bernie CarterBernie Carter, emma meehan, Ian Tennant
In this interview Ian Tennant speak to two researchers (Emma and Bernie) from very different backgrounds who have come together to help people living with persistent pain using a type of body-awareness practices known as somatic practice. Dr Emma Meehan has a background in theatre and now works at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, and Professor Bernie Carter started her career in nursing and developed an interest in children living with pain. Bernie now works at the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine at Edge Hill University. We cover some key topics about patient-practitioner relationships including the use of phrases such as ‘Wear and tear’ which Bernie explains may lead the to patient being cautious and moving less – when actually the healthcare provider may be wanting them to move more. We also talk about the importance of people regaining ownership of their recovery, exploring how to use their body in new ways and finding new meaning for their suffering.

This interview is part of the Inner Sense project here: http://www.yourinnersense.co.uk
Interoception is the ability to feel what’s going on inside our bodies. At a fundamental level, it allows us to know how we feel at any given moment, whether we’re hungry, tired or in pain. Dig a little deeper, and this sense can give us more control over how we react to challenges, both internal, external, physical and mental.

With resources including interviews and scientifically backed articles, Inner Sense is here to help you discover more about interoception so that you can develop your own bodily awareness and harness its benefits.

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