Bernie Carter

Professor of Children's Nursing
Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
Bernie is a children’s nurse whose research focuses on children and young people whose lives are disrupted by pain, illness, disability, complex health care needs and disadvantage, and the ways in which this affects their parents, brothers and sisters and family life. She is particularly interested in the challenges associated with assessing the pain of children with profound cognitive impairment and how parents develop their skills in pain assessment. Much of Bernie’s research is qualitative; in particular her work is creative, narrative, appreciative, participatory and arts/activities based. She works closely with children and families at all stages of the research process to ensure that her work is not only robust but is also grounded in the lives of the participants. She has been 'doing PPI(E)' for a long time now; she started doing this before the phrase was invented! She is committed to trying to ensure that what she discovers as a researcher is shared with children and families.