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Visualising diversity to increase awareness of the diversity - infographic

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conference contribution
posted on 2022-06-19, 21:11 authored by Gwen BrekelmansGwen Brekelmans, Maria Denisa Pieptan, Sannimo Yeboah

This infographic was presented at the University of Hull Teaching Excellence Academy International Teaching and Learning Conference 2022. The conference theme this year was " Personalised Pedagogies: inclusive, empowering and progressive higher education for all"

The infographic presents research undertaken by Denisa and Sannimo for their final year project, investigating whether visually depicting academics on university teaching materials can help increase awareness of diversity (or lack thereof) within the research field. It finds that adding visualisations of the researchers seems to help increase awareness of diversity when it is present, and there are some indications that it seems to make students aware of a lack of diversity when it is present as well. 

DOI:  10.25416/NTR.20089961 


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