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The Collection: Complete Issues of The Journal of Social Media for Learning

Posted on 2022-12-18 - 00:37 authored by Dawne Irving-Bell
The Journal of Social Media for Learning

Aim and Scope

The Journal of Social Media for Learning seeks to publish high quality research and scholarly articles at the leading edge of development of theories, practices and pedagogy that increase insight, support understanding and add to the International discourse about all aspects of the use Social Media for Learning. The journal is proactive in seeking to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and contemporary digital learning and supports the publication of research and evidence-informed practice to share research which demonstrates tangible, high quality outputs with impact that have brought about real changes for the direct benefit of students.

The use of Social Media as a tool for learning is an emergent, rather than an established practice and as such many questions remain unanswered. In addition to the publication of research relating to the nature of the technologies themselves, very little is known about understandings and perceptions of its use as a tool for teaching or learning. There are also important issues to be explored around the preparation for teaching, the assessment of competency and implications on policy.

The journal seeks to present a balanced mix of case studies and research articles which relate to learning and teaching and reflect current themes and ideas but also to provide a platform within the context of students and staff as change agents in shaping future developments within the field. Critical, review, and comparative studies are particularly prominent, as are contributions which draw upon other literatures in order to address issues of concern. In addition, the Journal publishes book reviews, editorials and reflection/opinion pieces.

Contributions to on-going research debates are encouraged and the Journal welcomes opportunities to publish substantial literature reviews in order to consolidate contributions which have been made within the field of Social Media for Learning. Special Issues and themes within issues, focusing on specific aspects of Social Media are welcome. These can be commissioned by the Editors, or the editorial board are happy to receive proposals from the community.

To visit the Journals home page please click here: https://openjournals.ljmu.ac.uk/index.php/JSML/index


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