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Critical Studies in Television 2024 Conference

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Posted on 2024-07-08 - 14:05 authored by Elke Weissmann

These are the recordings of the sessions of the Critical Studies in Television Conference 2024, 24 June-5 July 2024. It took place online. 

Theme: Television and Sustainability


In 2015, the UN proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are meant to guide humankind towards a more equitable future on a liveable planet. They address questions of health, society, culture and the distribution of resources while also being aware of the urgency to address climate change. As a key communicator of human aspiration, as a tool to educate and inform, but also as an industry fraught with inequality and often accused to pandering to ‘valuable’ taste communities i.e. those of economic and other advantage, television emerges as a key site where our ability to respond to those aspirations can be assessed. How does television respond to the climate crisis? How does it aim to reduce poverty and inequalities by, for example, addressing local working conditions, offering traineeships to disadvantaged groups or address issues of outsourcing ethically? What steps does the industry take to reduce its carbon (and other polluting) footprint? How does it promote peace?

These and many other questions relating to television and the Sustainable Development Goals will be at the centre of the slow conference, which will be spread out over two weeks. The conference will take place online with only a limited number of panels on each day to allow delegates from across the globe to catch up and take part.


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