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Rebecca Phythian


  • Do female offenders differ? Comparing the criminal histories of serious violent perpetrators with a control sample
  • Exploring the currency of violence in Serious Organised Crime (SOC)
  • Diverting young men from gangs: a qualitative evaluation
  • Assessing the appetite for evidence based policing: A UK based study
  • Taking an Evidence-Based Approach to Evidence-Based Policing Research
  • Cooperative actors in domestic abuse and their association with prosecution: implications for the criminal justice system
  • Organisational and individual perspectives of police wellbeing in England and Wales
  • The future of the police analyst and EBP
  • Developments in UK police wellbeing: A review of blue light wellbeing frameworks
  • What does the UK Police National Database tell us about the future of police intelligence?
  • Exploring the currency of violence in serious organized crime
  • Law enforcement and public health: partners for community safety and wellbeing
  • Eurovision 2023: Exploring Liverpool's multi-agency approach to a large-scale event
  • The Future of the Role
  • Understanding how law enforcement agencies share information in an intelligence-led environment: how operational context influences different approaches

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