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  • On understanding power and the subject of educational research
  • Professor, Citizen, Parrhesiastes
  • ‘Too Busy for Thoughts’: Stress, Tiredness and Finding a Home in the University
  • Lyotard: hope on the dark side
  • "I Can't Spin That": The University, The Researcher, and Public Relations'
  • Philosophy and Theory in Educational Research
  • The common school and its dunces
  • Post-Critique, Politics, and the Political in Educational Philosophy
  • Introduction: philosophy as translation and the understanding of other cultures
  • Past, present, and future possibilities for philosophy and history of education: A space and time for research
  • Initiating Children in Language and World: Learning from Dogtooth
  • Education and the Love for the World: Articulating a post-critical educational philosophy
  • Manifesto for a Post-Critical Pedagogy
  • Educational transformation and the force of film: Viewing Michael Haneke's The Seventh Continent
  • The entrepreneurial subject
  • Digitisation, Securitisation, and Upbringing: interrelations and emerging questions
  • Post-critical Perspectives on Higher Education: Reclaiming the Educational in the University
  • Doing Academia in "COVID-19 Times"
  • Book Review: Problems in philosophy of education: a systematic approach
  • Registers of Community: Policy Discourse, Subjectivity, and Coming to Terms with our Conditions
  • Response to Alexis Gibbs' Review of Philosophical Presentations of Raising Children: The Grammar of Upbringing
  • Plato, Professionalism, and the Everyday Life of Schools
  • Parenting apps and the depoliticisation of the parent
  • The unbearable surplus of being human
  • Cosmopolitan research and public thinking: putting oneself to the test of reality
  • 'The only answer is innovation ...': Europe, policy, and the big society
  • Learned voices of European citizens: From governmental to political subjectivation
  • Research, Governance, and Technologies of Openness
  • Materials That Shape Researchers
  • From Entrepreneurialism to Innovation: Research, Critique, and the Innovation Union
  • Researching Power and the Power in Research
  • Citizenship for the Learning Society
  • ‘The Only Answer is Innovation …’: Europe, Policy and the Big Society
  • Lyotard, Hope on the Dark Side
  • Technologies of Reading and Writing: Transformation and Subjectivation in Digital Times
  • The Researcher and the Studier: On Stress, Tiredness and Homelessness in the University
  • The Hermit and The Poet
  • Introduction: Reminders Assembling a Picture of Paul Smeyers
  • Philosophical Presentations of Raising Children
  • Parenting, Upbringing, and Educational Philosophy
  • The Educational Force of Film: Presentations of Upbringing
  • The Seventh Continent: Taking Care and Making Family
  • Dogtooth: Initiating Children in Language and World
  • Le Fils: (Re)Turning and Assembling Reminders
  • Towards a Pedagogical Understanding of Upbringing
  • Introduction
  • Colloquium
  • Manifiesto por una pedagogía post-crítica (traducción al español)
  • Manifestations of the post-critical: from shared principles to new pedagogical paths
  • Induction into educational research networks: The striated and the smooth
  • The Educationalisation of Social Problems and the Educationalisation of Educational Research: The Example of Citizenship Education
  • The Language of Education and the Language of Educational Research: The Knowledge Economy, Citizenship and Subjectivation
  • What does it mean to be an educated person?
  • Narrative and social justice from the perspective of governmentality
  • Citizenship education, policy, and the educationalization of educational research
  • Dialogue and its conditions: The construction of European citizenship
  • Citizenship and scholarship in Emerson, Cavell and Foucault
  • Professor, Citizen, Parrhesiastes
  • European Citizenship and Evidence-Based Happiness
  • Educational research, governmentality and the construction of the cosmopolitan citizen
  • Network, Critique, Conversation: Towards a Rethinking of Educational Research Methods Training
  • Uses and misuses of poststructuralism in educational research
  • Happiness is not always fun:

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