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What? Why? Children in Hospital procedural videos; evaluating children and their parent/carers' perceptions of viewing these videos within Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust Children's Accident & Emergency Department

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posted on 2022-12-14, 16:41 authored by Lucy BrayLucy Bray, Jennifer KirtonJennifer Kirton

Report describing an evaluation of the use of the What? Why? Children in Hospital videos within a children's Accident Emergency department.


What? Why? Children in Hospital is a charity that has developed short educational videos explaining 44 procedures including blood tests, X-rays, MRI, and CT, Ultrasound, EEG, ECG and Echo and lung function tests. These short videos are freely and easily available, provide direct examples of the procedure, and offer ideas for hospital role play that parents can use to explain a procedure to their child.


What? Why? Children in Hospital


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