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The Changing Landscape FTLD

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posted on 02.08.2020 by Sally Brown, Kay Sambell

The Changing Landscape FTLD

This presentation examines the changing landscape of assessment and presents some possible replacements for unseen, time-constrained, face-to-face invigilated exams.

This current guidance note builds on our earlier work on ‘Contingency planning: exploring rapid alternatives to face to face assessment’ and ‘Fifty tips for replacements for time-constrained, invigilated on-site exams’ (Brown and Sambell, 2020 a and b), both of which were produced in the earliest stages of the rapid switch.

The aim is now to help those who are currently planning for a phased, socially-distanced and gradual return to campus at a point when the precise picture for the immediate future is still pretty uncertain and likely to change on a daily basis. This practitioner-orientated advice, with its comparative table of pros and cons of alternative forms of assessment below therefore, aims to act as a catalyst for teaching teams who wish to pause and think about possible adjustments to traditionally-held face-to-face assessment regimes for the academic sessions which are due to begin in a matter of weeks.