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The Ask, Listen, Act Study - working together to inform the provision of Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) support for children after the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence briefing: Children with SEND, parent/carers and professionals’ perceptions of impact. Quantitative survey data.

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posted on 2021-11-04, 18:02 authored by joanna kirkby, Emma AshworthEmma Ashworth, Lucy BrayLucy Bray, Amel Alghrani
This report focuses on the quantitative online survey data from phase 2, which examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s education, health and social care. Separate online surveys were designed with patient and public involvement from children with SEND, parents, health and social care professionals, education professionals, and Local Authority staff. Responses were anonymous. Ethical approval was gained through the lead researcher’s institutional research ethics committee (UREC Ref: 21/PSY/020 and 21/PSY/016). Participants were recruited using social media and via the distribution of study information through key organisations working with children with SEND. The data were collected between June and August 2021.


National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)



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