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posted on 2023-04-28, 12:43 authored by francesca brown-cornwall, Matthew Coombe-Boxall


This report presents the headlines of a first of its kind staff development programme. The accompanying cartoon provides the details and discussion points from evaluating the programme. The Staffordshire University Microsoft Innovative Educator Coaching (SUMEC) programme aimed to:

• Enable staff to become leaders and advocates of Microsoft Technology to enhance teaching and learning by developing digital skills. 

• Prepare staff for the changing digital landscape within HE by developing agility and confidence. 

• Showcase and measure the innovation and quality of Microsoft facilitated teaching and learning at Staffordshire University. 

• Facilitate accreditation, achievement and recognition of skills, namely via the MIE Expert status application, but not limited to this.

The coaching sessions ran fortnightly, and topics included (but weren’t limited to): a technology buffet - where groups explored and presented on different Microsoft technologies; support with developing teaching resources; nurturing evidence and impact in support of the application. Monthly themes were based upon Keene and Kersznowski (2020) sail the seven cs with Microsoft education and included innovation with collaboration, communication, creativity and computational thinking. Finally, the programme ended with a SUMEC showcase of all the resources and experiences the community had, had, creating a reusable training resource in itself. For the second iteration the themes were tweaked slightly in response to participants needs, thus in keeping with coaching qualities of bespoking the support on offer.

Capturing the impact of the programme came from an insider researcher approach using a mixed method design. A key finding is that   

100% of completers agreed that they had achieved what they wanted from the Programme and that it had supported their personal intended development. Their feedback identified that the design, structure, implementation and coaching approach of the programme was a success – with no recommendations given for the programme itself.  93% completing participants agreed that they felt they were part of the SUMEC Community that coaching contributed to personal development, growth and empowerment. When coaching was probed explicitly 93% identified that the coaching presence and non-hierarchical approach enabled confidence to build, was encouraging and enabled personalised/bespoke support.  This resource has been added to the repository to aid others in emulating the success of this programme.




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