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Optionality in Assessment:a cross institutional exploration of the feasibility, practicality & utility of student choices in assessment in UK higher education

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posted on 2023-11-17, 19:33 authored by Miriam FirthMiriam Firth, Jan Ball-Smith, Thomas Burgess, Caroline Chaffer, Gabrielle M. Finn, N Glover, Marieke Guy, Jesper HansenJesper Hansen, Leo HavemannLeo Havemann, Martyn Kingsbury, Monika Pazio, Jess Penn, F Trzeciak, Karen Shackleford-CesareKaren Shackleford-Cesare, Simon Walker, J Webb

In an environment marked by technological advancements, dynamic knowledge, skills requirements, student co-design and inclusivity, higher education institutions are contemplating the integration of greater flexibility into their teaching and assessment methods. This shift is prompted by the need to support diverse studentneeds, address equality and wellbeing challenges in a stimulating way that engages students and leads to high level of participation. Optionality in assessment, whichprovides students with some choice over how they are assessed is central to this transformation and the focus of this project. This concept of assessment optionality provides some level of control over student decision-making about when, how, andin what format they submit assessments, and whether this is individual orcollaborative. The potential benefits of this approach encompass greater inclusivity,prevention of academic misconduct, tailored support for diverse learning styles, and enhanced student experiences.This collaborative project attempts to answer 3 questions:

1. What are academic & student opinions on the feasibility, practicality and utilityof assessment optionality?

2. What is current practice and opinion on the use of assessment optionalityacross the four institutions?

3. How can we better empower and enable colleagues to design and utilise effective and appropriate options in assessment? 


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