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Assessment Feedback and Technology: Contexts and Case Studies in Bloomsbury

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posted on 2021-06-07, 08:23 authored by Leo HavemannLeo Havemann, Sarah Sherman
In 2014, the Bloomsbury Learning Exchange (BLE) Consortium initiated a wide-ranging, two-year-long research and dissemination project focusing on the use of technology in assessment and feedback. Our aim was to understand and improve processes, practices, opportunities and tools available to the institutional members of the BLE Consortium. From the project, we produced three research papers investigating current practice and 21 case studies describing both technology-enabled pedagogy and technical development. Now presented as a free ebook, co-edited by Leo Havemann and Sarah Sherman, we offer the flavour of the variety and breadth of the BLE’s activities relating to the project theme as a contribution to the education sector’s widening conversation about the interplay of assessment, feedback, pedagogy and technology.

Further information at: https://www.ble.ac.uk/ebook.html