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posted on 2021-09-02, 10:45 authored by ADEJIMI ADEBAYO
Active collaborative and group learning are common practice in real estate education. This is because the real estate profession is primarily based on group work and collaboration among professional colleagues. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been significant shifts in the mode of learning real estate subjects. The traditional face-2-face classroom teachings have been transformed into compulsory online learning and teaching. As such, application of technological tools that support online group learning has become imperative to learning real estate subjects (modules). This study examines online group learning viz-a-viz breakout rooms tool of MS Teams. The study explores the effectiveness of breakout rooms in learning real estate subjects through the lenses of students and academics of Property Management and Development (PMD) department at NTU. The study inquires how technology (that is, MS Team breakout rooms) can enhance active collaborative learning among PMD students. The research seeks to:

i. Understand the PMD students’ perspectives on the use of breakout rooms,

ii. Understand PMD academics perspectives on the use of breakout rooms,

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of online breakout rooms to enhance student learning, and
  2. Make recommendations on how breakout rooms could be used more effectively.


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