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The Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR): A new approach to assessing reflection. Presented at the Association of National Teaching Fellows Annual Symposium, April 2023

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posted on 2023-07-07, 14:29 authored by Iain Wilson PhD SFHEAIain Wilson PhD SFHEA

Presentation from the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) annual symposium. This presentation was delivered on Friday 21st April 2023, at DeMonfort University.


 Pressure for universities being “value for money” (Tomlinson 2008), as well as being assessed on student employment outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2019) means there is a greater need to embed and develop employability curricula into courses. Models of employability (e.g. Cole and Eade 2020; Dacre Pool and Sewell 2007) highlight the importance of self-reflection in students’ development. Whilst models, such as Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988) are frequently used, these are not without challenge. Student reflections tend to be more descriptive than critical (e.g. Thompson and Pascal 2012), as well as focusing on the past, rather than scaffolding future learning (Corker and Holland 2015). The Synthesised Model of Reflection attempts to address these challenges, being proactive and integrating two stages of evaluation. It also allows for multiple experiences to be synthesised, which other models do not. This talk will focus on outlining the four stages: 1) self-evaluation and goal setting; 2) identifying appropriate experiences and reflecting upon these; 3) synthesised evaluation of experiences and conclusion drawing; and 4) re-evaluation of the self, following learning. Delegates will then be guided through evaluating their own experiences and facilitated to synthesise these. A discussion with feedback will close the session. 


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