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TILT Presentation - Learning from Past Students

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posted on 2022-06-16, 13:06 authored by Kiri Langmead

Learning from those who have gone before: Using videos to facilitate peer-to-peer advice for final-year undergraduates.

In this presentation I will share how videos have been utilised on the Undergraduate Research Project Module to share past students’ experiences of the module with existing final-year students. In particular I will show how videos have been used to:

  • Share past students’ top tips for different stages of the Research Project, including tips on developing a topic, time management, and engaging with supervisors.
  • Bring the Module Learning Outcomes to life by sharing how alumni are utilising skills developed through the Research Project in the workplace. 

The videos were developed in response to Hockings et al’s (2018) claim that seeking advice from students who are further advanced in their course is a powerful source of support for Independent Learning. Due to the availability of alumni, it is difficult for final-year students to access this kind of peer advice synchronously, and thus videos opened opportunities that were not otherwise available.   

DOI:  10.25416/NTR.20072258 


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