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Preliminary Findings from FEMSTEM Project

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posted on 2021-09-18, 15:46 authored by Nathalie TaslerNathalie Tasler, Shazia Ahmed

Keynote at EPSRC: DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION IN ICT meeting 5th June 2017

The overarching aim of the study is to understand how the experiences of female students in STEM subjects impact their choice to continue with their subject, particularly the traditionally male-dominated subjects.

The study aims to identify:

· if there are gender specific issues in the College of Science and Engineering, exploring whether mismatches between expectations and experiences exist when deciding on course continuation;

· trying to understand institution or School specific issues for example, the low numbers of female students in the School of Computing Sciences progressing from year two to year three, and exploring if similar issues exist within other schools within the college.


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