NTR - Continuing your professional development

2020-07-31T14:12:30Z (GMT) by Dawne Irving-Bell

Continuing your professional development

There is a wealth of information, much of which is freely available, for colleagues to support their continued professional development. However, locating targeted resources to meet a specific need can be difficult and

time consuming.

Within this section of the repository we welcome contributions that support colleagues continued professional development, whether that be to develop their pedagogical practice, or to prepare for personal development opportunities, applications and accreditation such as Fellowship. Welcoming contributions that support

colleagues continued professional development:

• Webinar style recordings and Podcasts

• Presentations e.g. Power Point

• Short think pieces or personal reflections on practice

• Group or institutional approaches

• Exemplar resources which may links to active twitter posts, blog posts and websites


Helena Knapton, Edge Hill University, David Wooff, Independent Educational Consultant and Matt McLain, Liverpool John Moores University.