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Manifesto for Change: Critical pedagogy for teaching and researching migration

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posted on 2022-09-06, 17:15 authored by Teresa Piacentini, Eiri Ohtani, Colin Clark

A Manifesto for Change

Our aim is to foreground ethical pedagogy in our practice.  

This manifesto was the key output  from a workshop  that brought together a collective of academics, activists and practitioners from third sector and civil society organisations and students working in the area of migration or studying migration.  

We came together in June 2018 for a collaborative workshop to discuss fresh approaches to teaching about migration in the political now, as well as reflecting on established approaches. 

Our Manifesto still stands today as we continue to work towards our common goals of a critical pedagogy of migration that makes new teaching and learning connections between what, where and how we teach, and between the experiences and expectations of researchers, students and third sector communities.  


Contacts  for further information: 

Teresa Piacentini, University of Glasgow,

Eiri Ohtani,  Right to Remain,

Colin Clark, University of West of Scotland,


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