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Integrating Assessed Work-Like Experience into two Level 4 Psychology modules: A pilot using the Synthesised Model of Reflection to assess reflections.

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posted on 2024-03-23, 22:47 authored by Iain Wilson PhD SFHEAIain Wilson PhD SFHEA, Harry Purser, Dung Ezekiel Jidong, Zoe Galloway-Grant, Helen Reed

Presentation from the Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers of Psychology annual conference in September 2023.



Share lessons learned from integrating Assessed Work-Like Experience (A-WLE) into Level  4 BPS-accredited Psychology modules and using a new model of assessment; the Synthesised Model of  Reflection. 


Pressure for universities being ‘value for money’, as well as being assessed on student  employment outcomes in the Teaching Excellence Framework means there is a greater need to embed  and develop employability curricula into courses. NTU’s strategy to provide 240-hours of A-WLE  across UG courses, is aimed to enhance employability. Engaging in A-WLE, underpinned by effective  reflective learning can be beneficial to student learning. The Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR)  enables students to proactively identify relevant experiences, to support their overall development. 


A-WLE was integrated into all NTU Psychology Level 4 tutorial modules (N≈900).  Opportunities (e.g. employer challenges) were provided for students to engage in 40-hours of A-WLE  across Term 2, supported with career development learning and reflective practice. Engagement with  these were high. Students were assessed using the Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR). Quality of  assessments were examined to understand strengths and areas for development.  


Students who participated in A-WLE activities and engaged with the SMoR effectively  produced higher quality, more meaningful and deeper reflections (N=40 assessments).Furthermore,  92% of employers stated benefits from participating in the challenge. Key learnings include  extending the time available for the challenge, simplifying the language of the challenge and working  with fewer employers to aid efficiency. Integrating evaluation techniques into taught sessions would  enhance the breadth and quality of future evaluations 


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