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Blooming Bioscientists

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posted on 2021-09-09, 14:22 authored by Anne Margaret Tierney, Mary Tatner
This presentation explores the use of the BBC programme Sherlock to explore Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, to help final year students understand and interpret exam questions. The exercise was based on a presentation by Anthony Priest, who had spoken about a similar exercise he did with Goldilocks and the Three Bears. However, in contrast to Anthony's homogeneous group of students, my students came from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and many of them were not familiar with the story of Goldilocks, so we looked for something they could relate to and came upon Episode 1 of BBC Sherlock.

It was presented at the 36th International Conference, Improving University Teaching, Bielefeld, Germany, July 19-22, 2011.


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