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Applying a new taxonomy for learning that supports employability using the Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR).

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posted on 2024-03-23, 22:47 authored by Doug Cole, Iain Wilson PhD SFHEAIain Wilson PhD SFHEA


Presentation from the Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers of Psychology annual conference in September 2023.



This paper aims to introduce a new taxonomy for learning that supports employability  which will be beneficial to Psychology students. Specifically, it will demonstrate how the taxonomy can  be applied through the Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR). 


Employability is difficult to define, but the dominant narrative focuses on skills and  knowledge for employment. The Employability Redefined Taxonomy highlights how the whole person,  specifically knowledge, inter/intrapersonal learning, experience and identity are underpinned by  resilience and self-efficacy. Self-reflection is an essential component, enabling learning through  lifelong and lifewide experiences. This alternative frame of reference offers a methodology which can  be contextualised at the course and individual student level. 


The Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR) is a new approach to assessing written  reflections, capturing learners’ starting point, and proactively capturing their journey as they  engage in experiences and reflect upon these. Specifically, multiple experiences can be synthesised in  this longitudinal assessment. The taxonomy offers a framework to guide learners on what to reflect  upon, with the six domains structuring the self-evaluation. The multiple experiences enables learners  to personalise their assessment to capture lifewide and lifelong learning which is relevant to them.  Finally the longitudinal approach encourages students to continue and apply this reflection beyond  their studies. 


This work is equally valuable across a range of strategic agendas too, including  employability, retention, attainment, progression and student wellbeing. Presenting this as an  integrated approach to learning and teaching that will better prepare graduates going out into a  future and complex world. 


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