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360 Positive Student Nurse Experiences

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posted on 30.06.2022, 18:38 authored by Radhika PaiRadhika Pai, Toni BewleyToni Bewley

360 Positive Student Nurse Experiences 

This presentation depicts how Edge Hill University,UK and Manipal University MAHE, India fostered a partnership between its student nurses initiated by the use of a private social media group entitled 360 Positive student nurse experiences. This then developed during Covid, into student-led webinars, these were facilitated by the naturally born leaders evolving from the social media private group. The 360 Positive student nurse experiences group has enabled students from both countries to develop an understanding of similarities and differences in each other's educational and cultural backgrounds. This intiative has been evaluated by the students as enabling them to 'learn naturally' as well as bring issues of equality, diversity and inclusion into a reality. The partnership was successful to be shortlisted in The Student Nursing Times awards this year (2022). 

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CLT/SOLSTICE, June 2022. 





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