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Video-Enhanced Dialogic Assessment BERA 2021 Conference Poster

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posted on 2022-03-10, 12:13 authored by Elizabeth Hidson, ian elliott, Alison Griffiths, Simon Sheard, Jemma Bell, Vikki Wynn

This digital poster presentation will share two key case studies from the ongoing project. One focuses on the trainee teacher for whom formative video-stimulated recall, reflection and dialogue is part of their learning i.e assessment for learning as opposed to assessment of learning (Black and Wiliam, 1998). This explores the nature of feedback and dialogue on a recorded lesson video between trainee and tutor. The other case study will present the summative high-stakes VEDA interview where the assessor must be confident that all the evidence presented demonstrates that the candidate meets the necessary teachers’ standards. It will highlight the relevance of Video-Enhanced Dialogic Assessment during the current Covid-19 pandemic, where traditional campus-based teacher education has been interrupted, locked down and forced to seek alternative approaches. This digital poster uses embedded hyperlinks to video and audio snippets that have been deemed permissible by the university ethical approval gained for the VEDA project.


University of Sunderland Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Fellowship Team Award 2020-2021


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