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posted on 2024-06-08, 07:35 authored by Stuart Howarth

The research sort to understand whether the use of tailored summative assessment points and inclusion of  student centric active learning principles improve student enjoyment & outcomes?

With the research aims being:

- Determine whether the inclusion of more student centric active learning principles (specifically SCALE UP and small group seminars) improves the engagement and enjoyment of the learning environment for students

- Examine whether attainment and completion of summative assessement points improves through the inclusion of  smaller summative assessment points though the module.

- Investigate whether smaller, fixed tutors seminars improves the student experience and enjoyment.


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Nottingham Trent University

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Jan 2024



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Level 5 Higher Education

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You will appreciate the issues faced, the interventions made and the impact that had on student enjoyment and outcomes for this study / this module.

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