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Parallels between a research report and reflection - An infographic

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posted on 2024-01-19, 15:55 authored by Iain Wilson PhD SFHEAIain Wilson PhD SFHEA

This infographic explains how research methods learning can be applied to reflective practice learning. In short, this approach provides a systematic and robust method to planning what to reflect about and how to make sense of those expereinces. It removes ambiguity.

Doing a self-evaluation to plan what experiences to engage in and develop learning goals is similar to writing an introduction and stating a research question.

Selecting your experiences to be appropriate for addressing the learning goals is like selcting appropriate methods to answer your research question.

Reflecting upon experiences is similar to analysing and making sense of the patterns in the data.

Discussing what you have learned from the experiences in relation to your initial self-evaluation is similar to the Discussion where results are contextualised in the previous literature.

Learn more from this infographic, as well as the NTU Psychology blogs linked below.

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