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posted on 2023-05-19, 15:21 authored by Dawne Irving-BellDawne Irving-Bell, Dawne Irving-BellDawne Irving-Bell, The National Teaching Repository An Open Education Resource with global proven reach and impactThe National Teaching Repository An Open Education Resource with global proven reach and impact


Evidencing the impact of ‘SoTL’, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, can be extremely difficult. 

This poster presentation introduces ‘The National Teaching Repository’, the outcome of an AdvanceHE funded project recently showcased (by invitation from the Secretariat) at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference (May, 2022). 

Established in September 2020 The National Teaching Repository is a space where SoTL scholars can disseminate their learning and teaching pedagogical research and resources in a way that celebrates their practice. 

Sharing effective interventions that lead to real improvements in teaching & learning colleagues can use the repository to access, the very best teaching resources, pedagogical research, approaches and ideas, and share their practice with the ultimate aim of positively enhancing the student experience.

To discover: https://figshare.edgehill.ac.uk/The_National_Teaching_Repository

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DOI:  10.25416/NTR.20067041 


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