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Learning Critical Thinking Skills with Online Bite-Sized Videos: Can Precision Teaching Help?

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posted on 2022-09-04, 11:25 authored by Angel Tan, Themis Karaminis, Roderick Nicolson, Jean Davies

Critical thinking is a key educational goal for Higher Education, yet research on how it should be taught remains under scrutiny. This study evaluated an online video-based intervention focusing on fallacy identification, an important aspect of critical thinking. We explored whether Precision Teaching (PT) as an evidence-based approach to support learning would provide favourable results to promote fluency and generalisation in fallacy identification. The intervention introduced four common fallacies across two bite-sized learning episodes to 57 university students to enhance engagement. All participants showed improvements in fallacy identification, with those who received PT training performing better in the domain-general fallacy-identification assessment post-intervention than the control group.


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