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Fostering Metacognition

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posted on 2022-08-25, 19:33 authored by Wei Lin Poh


“Am I on doing this correctly?” is a common question among university students, indicating a lack of critical self-awareness or self-reflection in navigating own learning progress through a course. Metacognition is awareness of one’s thoughts or thinking about thinking (Flavell, 1976). Applying this in higher education context, metacognitive ability helps students to be aware of their strength, weakness, limitation of knowledge and think of a set of actions to develop skills to develop knowledge. Engaging with self-reflective questions for example is a simple exercise to support students to achieve this. Additionally, creating a structure within a course (i.e., answering a set of question aims to support planning, monitoring and evaluating of the course) and building a class culture (i.e., instructors working with students to reflect questions with students) to support students developing metacognition abilities. As instructors, we should also continuously reflect on the type of questions, quality of engagement so we can develop meaningful teaching activities for students to build metacognitive abilities. 


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