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Exploring The Role Of Comic Books In Enhancing Educational Equity For Autistic Students: A Family Perspective

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posted on 2023-07-03, 10:45 authored by SARA MURSICSARA MURSIC, Mica Jayne Coleman Jones



As the world deals with the ripple effects of the pandemic on disadvantaged learners and strives for educational equity, alternative teaching mediums such as comic books can play an instrumental role in promoting inclusive learning, particularly for autistic students. This study analyses and presents views on this visual tool as shared by 55 families of autistic children and young people attending a special school in Liverpool. The study highlights the use of comics and graphic novels in developing critical skills like vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, symbolic understanding, and multimedia literacy. It also considers how frequently comics should be integrated into school lessons. Notable differences are observed between parents with and without teacher training, offering insightful perspectives on the varied perceptions about this pedagogical tool.

By investigating family perspectives, our research provides a nuanced understanding of the varied roles comic books can play in inclusive learning environments. The findings that we present highlight the ability of such unconventional pedagogical tools to navigate the complexities of disability and socio-economic factors in education. Furthermore, our study stimulates interdisciplinary dialogue, shedding light on unique, family-centred strategies for fostering equitable learning experiences even in times of global crisis.


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