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posted on 2024-07-07, 19:55 authored by Ishwinder Kaur, Dr Karin Garrie, Daniel D'Andrea, Luigi A. De Girolamo


To make science real and meaningful there is a need to integrate Work like experience (WLE) in the curriculum design and delivery. There are practices being applied in higher education to make students ready for the real-world professional graduates, however linking the teaching design to an authentic assessment structure can be challenging (Bosco and Ferns, Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 2014, 15(4), 281-290). NTU has embedded a unique Assessed work like experience (AWLE) to synchronise the WLE design with the assessment structure to measure the impact of teaching activities in developing employability skills in students. At NTU we design teaching activities to build employability foundation for students right from the beginning of their courses. This involves students to self-analyse their skills at various stages of the curriculum and create a skills portfolio. To enhance student’s understanding, we bring employers who deliver bespoke insider’s view into what are industry expectations of prospective graduate. We set out the job descriptions for the students and they map their skills with essential requirements criteria by creating evidence from the laboratory sessions they have conducted. A skills matrix tool is provided to the students where they can identify the skills they have gained over the period within a respective module. The portfolio is a comprehensive structured assessment which requires the students to engage with several lectures, laboratories, and seminars. This simultaneously encourages their engagement throughout the module. In the skills portfolio they introduce a topic they have investigated to produce their skills and use evidence from a laboratory experiment. As part of the portfolio, they then use critical thinking to reflect on the data and skills including their strengths and weaknesses. This really shapes them into all round level-headed professionals and build their confidence to give any interview to a potential employer. In this presentation we will talk about staff and student perspective in adding value to graduates future employability. A preliminary gap analysis will show us the impact of embedding AWLE in the skills portfolio.

The poster presents the output summary of Student Staff cocreation project where focus groups were designed with students, staff as well as the employer. The thematic analysis from the focus groups informs how well AWLE conforms to authentic assessment framework. The study will be further expanded to level 5, level 6 and level 7 students because when students partcipate it motivates them and gives them encouragement to perfom better.


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