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Designing for Diverse Learners Poster [3.2.2]

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posted on 2021-10-20, 22:09 authored by Lee FallinLee Fallin, Sue Watling
The Designing for Diverse Learners Poster is a resource developed to help educators (teachers, academics and professional services) create inclusive and accessible content for learners.

The poster distils advice on how to support learners that fall into one of the following categories: blind, colour blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, dyslexic, visual stress, motor disability, autistic spectrum and screen reader user.

The practices outlined in our poster will benefit every learner, not just those who many require specific adjustments. ur poster does not claim to support every single learner or requirement an educator may come across, but we are certain that resources developed along these principles will meet the vast majority of needs.

We are also keen to frame this as a working document. We are keen to get as much feedback as we can to help us make this resource event better. We’ve already had some feedback about including some text line spacing and would welcome any further ideas you all have.


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