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An Exploration of the Impacts and Influences of Consumerism on Young Females' Identity: Critical Criminology within the Cultural Boundaries of Social Media

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posted on 2020-08-06, 13:17 authored by ALAINA WEIRALAINA WEIR

This poster outlines the overall design of a three year PhD research project.

The research project intends to address a significant lacuna in research, which fails to explore the implications of neoliberal ideologies within consumerism, by examining the impacts and influences of consumerism on young females' identity within the cultural boundaries of social media. By offering a unique approach, this research will adopt a critical criminological perspective through a theoretically triangulated lens of zemiology and poststructuralist feminism, to explore the discursive and yet, inherently real-world social harms and injustices, generated by hegemonic and repressive ideologies, which radiate throughout the capitalist ideals of consumerism and more specifically, social media.

Further to this, the research poster showcases the key findings derived from two pilot studies, to highlight the preliminary thoughts emerging from the initial datasets collected.