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A Qualitative Study Investigating how the National Lockdown affected University Students’ Learning within the Northwest of the United Kingdom

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posted on 2022-06-30, 12:36 authored by Katie Morse


The poster will use a wide range of images, text, and charts to show how the national lockdown affected university students' educational learning within the Northwest of the United Kingdom. There will be four sections which will include a brief description of the purpose of the study, a small literature review, methodology, and why this study is being conducted. 

The first section (purpose of the study) will explain what the research aims to do. For this project, the research seeks to understand how the national lockdown affected university students learning. Within this section, the poster will state its hypnosis. The second section (known as the literature review) will explain what the current literature has found. For example, most literature suggests that students' educational learning was affected the most by transferring from face-to-face to online learning. With this transition, students were most affected by accessing online education, changing assessment and content delivery, and the study environment. This part of the poster will also show how universities have helped students with these three factors and the support they have provided. 

The third section will explain the research method, including semi-structured in-depth interviews. Furthermore, the poster will explain sampling and why I am also interviewing myself as a participant. 

Finally, the poster will finish by arguing why this project is being conducted and what it hopes to achieve. I hope universities can use and consider my data in case a comparable situation occurs in the future. My LinkedIn account will be referenced if anyone has questions about my project.


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