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How to Fail Your Research Degree

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posted on 20.09.2022, 20:52 authored by Daisy Ann Abbott


"How to Fail Your Research Degree" is an educational tabletop game that encourages a light-hearted engagement with the various academic skills and activities necessary to undertake post-graduate research and the risks and pitfalls that can affect a research degree.

It is particularly suitable for taught master's and MRes students but can be equally useful for students in the first year of a PhD, or even final year undergraduates who are undertaking indpendent research projects. The game can also be used to (re)familiarise early career researchers to the process of managing a research project, and has been shown to be useful in introducing the terminology of research to novice researchers or those with English as an additional language.

The game has been rigorously evaluated - see the publication linked below for full details.


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