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posted on 2021-03-23, 13:53 authored by Helen NewallHelen Newall

Remember Me is a miniature installation hosted in an old suitcase, designed for an audience-of-one. It comprises: digital animations of original photographs projected into the suitcase opened as a book-flat; a Victorian photograph album, a page of which is the main screen; a scale model of a trench; and a scrim to achieve 3D projection. The audience-of-one watches twelve minutes of images and text projected onto the screens by pico-projectors; an accompanying soundtrack is delivered via headphones for an immersive experience.

Remember Me is an artistic investigation of the fragmentation of memory, identity, and World War 1 commemoration. The names of those depicted are now separated from those who could once name them: these soldiers have gradually joined the ranks of a new kind of Missing. This process is historical but concerns us: we may photograph to remember people and capture life moments, but this installation defamiliarises and interrogates photographs as sites of memory, documentation and stillness, and imbues its photographic subjects with a brief, uncanny re-existence thereby foregrounding their fading narratives and identities.

Remember Me has been shown in Chester Military Museum; Narberth Museum; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Ansdell Library, Lythm St Anne's; Ormskirk and Formby, TaPRA, Salford, and University of Chester, where conference papers were also delivered; and at Liverpool Hope University. It can be installed in most situations within fifteen minutes.

This PowerPoint demonstrates the set up process for the installation.