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CARE Online Reading Group Metric Fixation and The Datafication of Early Childhood Education and Care

posted on 2024-03-13, 16:42 authored by Guy Roberts-HolmesGuy Roberts-Holmes, Jo Albin-ClarkJo Albin-Clark

Professor Guy Roberts-Holmes shares his work around the implications of measurement and datafication cultures in early childhood.

Guy is Professor of Early Childhood Education at University College London, IOE. His research publications focus on two principal themes: 1) Use of an innovative Foucauldian analysis to critically investigate the relationship between neoliberalism’s central values of competition, calculation and choice and the construction of ‘quality’, ‘performativity’, ‘datafication’ and governance within Early Childhood Education (ECE). 2) Examination of Global Education Reform Movement’s (GERM) ‘market’ logic upon ECE teacher’s professional identities, pedagogy and children’s wellbeing.


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