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#SocMedHE20 - Library & Learning Services #StudyHappy Tweetposium Submission

posted on 2021-03-01, 12:49 authored by Julie NolanJulie Nolan

The UniSkills team provide support at Edge Hill University for all undergraduate (UG) and taught postgraduate (PG) students, designed to help them develop their academic skills and confidence at University and beyond. Studying is a huge part of university life, so it is important that students are studying at their happiest and their healthiest, and UniSkills are here to help them to discover their own perfect study-life balance and be study happy!

Study Happy is a campaign we run every November after those initial whirlwind induction weeks and students are beginning to settle into their course and embark on their first assignments. Or equally for returning students who have had a break in their studies over summer and want to get back into their swing of it.

We feel it is really important to promote a healthy and happy study-life balance to remind, or even give permission to students that although they are here at university to study, learn and work hard it is also important to ensure they are approaching this in a healthy and productive way. Now this can take many forms, it isn’t a one size fits all approach, and we invite students to try out different methods and techniques throughout the campaign to discover for themselves what works best for them.

Throughout the campaign we run targeted workshops and webinars, signpost to key information and support, and in previous years have even run week-long pop-up events delivered by our team of fabulous Student Advisors. This year we took the campaign fully online in a continuation of our virtual student support offer and with this we made best use of our social media to reach out to our student population to engage in online events and competitions and to share our support, as an academic skills team but also to share personal experiences and study tips from our Student Advisors.

In our following tweets today, we hope to demonstrate through this particular campaign how we use our social media to build community, care and compassion with our students. #SocMedHE20

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This image (a collection of Tweets) and video form part of our Social Media in Higher Education Tweetposium submission for the December 2020 #SocMedHE20 virtual conference.


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