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Tour of a Reflective Portfolio in PebblePad

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posted on 2022-06-16, 13:06 authored by Charlie PratleyCharlie Pratley, Amy Elmughrabi, lia blaj-ward, Sarah Johnson, Rosemary Pearce

A tour of a PebblePad reflective portfolio.

Video transcript:

Welcome to this very quick tour of the student view of this reflective workbook portfolio that's within Pebble Pad, so the students come in on this introduction page, which really just outlines how they're supposed to engage with the portfolio and also explains who's going to be able to access their work as they work through the workbook. And if we go to the contents page, you can see that students have the choice of even navigating through this content dropdown, or they can navigate through these tabs at the top right.

Let's take a quick look at the start your reflective practise.

It's the first prompt that we have in the workbook, so we're using these headings and also title and these visual icons to help students to quickly get to grips with what is on the page and what we have is these reflective prompts.

And that's really helpful for creating that sort of immediacy previously through effective prompts with within the virtual learning environment.

And then they have to create a separate word document or a separate notebook to do their reflections.

But here it's all in one place and also means and if they every time they save something because this portfolio is an auto submit portfolio within paper, that it means that the module leader can view the student's progress as they go along, which is new.

We didn't have that previously, and this activity is especially helpful within this module.

Um, using the PebblePad workbook to fill in the reflection prompts is especially useful because later on in this module, they're going to be required to build their own portfolio and people get prepared from scratch.

So the scaffolds, what's going to come later? And if we look in the contents, there is a space here to add or build in a private blog.

And students are asked to do that in one of the prompts. So they just click add a blog and the people pad user interface is very simple so that they can create their own blog using areas of text, image and video if they want to. Let's just go back to the home page again.


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