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Social & Digital Change Symposium. An internationalisation experience via digital platforms

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posted on 2021-09-12, 09:35 authored by Gabriella RodolicoGabriella Rodolico, Mark Breslin, Annamaria Mariani
This is a recorded PPT presentation which summarises the results gained in a recent study on internationalisation and cooperative remote teaching between 3 Tutors across 2 international Universities: University of Glasgow, School of Education, UK and University Niccolo' Cusano Rome Italy

Pelase access here the YouTube version for transcript https://youtu.be/xT2cLpDv4gw

Please also access our blog https://doi.org/10.25416/NTR.16553811.v1

Until recently, internationalisation of higher education was considered important with a focus especially on the UK economy. However, the conversation has changed significantly with the challenges which Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and possibly Brexit have presented for student mobility. There has been a shift, which started even before Covid-19 pandemic, that highlighted the impact of internationalisation on improving the quality of education, research and other social goals. The focus should be on developing a culture of knowledge exchange and active participation between partner Universities with potential development of dual purposing resource, assessments, and mutual enrichment. This study aims to investigate how remote cooperative teaching, based on mutual enrichment across international Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers, support active participation of students in international activities.


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