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Projection footage: Lost Morecambe

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posted on 2021-02-01, 12:15 authored by Helen NewallHelen Newall
This film footage is projected into a miniature installation called Lost Morecambe, which constitutes a replica of a music hall auditorium. The film evokes a day at the seaside in Morecambe in the hey day of the Morecambe Winter Gardens, and begins with a daytime stroll on the promenade and the attractions; a visit to the Morecambe illuminations; and finally an evening at the Winter Gardens for a variety show. This is portrayed using vintage photography and postcards that has been animated and set to a soundtrack specially composed by Karen Lauke. Seated in an audience-of-four, the audience watches the film as it is projected on a backdrop in the miniature theatre set, while the sound is experienced via headphones for an immersive experience.

The installation was commissioned by and first shown in the Morecambe Variety Festival in the decayed backstage area of the Morecambe Winter Gardens, with audiences being led to the installation by torchlight (because there was at this time no electricity functioning in this part of the building which was still under rescue renovation).


Arts Council England