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Perelandra Beedles: The Role of Reflection in Teaching Production Management

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posted on 2024-03-28, 12:12 authored by Perelandra Beedles, Elke WeissmannElke Weissmann

In the realm of higher education within the creative arts, it is imperative to instil a reflective approach in students. While reflection is often a component of assessment criteria for written assignments, it is frequently overlooked in curricula for technical training within film and television production degrees. This oversight neglects the growing need for reflective practitioners in the media industry.

To address this issue, the research presented in this session introduced an educational toolkit named 'Reflective Reels' to early career Television Production Managers. This toolkit included breakout sessions for reflection, production journals, and video diaries. By emphasizing the practicality of reflection as a tool that can be directly linked to action, this approach views training as a dynamic process that combines technical knowledge and intellectual agility.

The name 'Reflective Reels' is a nod to the film and television industry, while also showcasing how each step of knowledge retention and reflection can be effortlessly intertwined, much like the reels of a film. Ultimately, this toolkit empowers learners to create novel processes and interpretations of training actions.

Perelandra Beedles has worked extensively as a Television Director, Producer and Production Manager at the BBC, ITV and Sony Film and Games and is now a Lecturer and Programme Leader for the MA Production Management Film, TV and Media at the University of Salford. Additionally, she is engaged in an EdD Research project at Edge Hill University, titled 'Reflective Reels'. This project aims to analyse the impact of incorporating reflection into film and television production management training.


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