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Neuhardenberg 2017 The Bees by Artizani Time-lapse

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posted on 2020-06-25, 12:21 authored by James MacphersonJames Macpherson

This time-lapse film is part of my doctoral research into contemporary UK outdoor arts. I use time-lapse videography to document the durational relationships between space, audience and performance.

This film was made with a single camera at Night of Neuhardenberg (Germany) on the 10th of June 2017. The subject is ‘The Bees’, an installation by Artizani. At this performance the large audience were very polite and, unusually, seemed determined to see all of the installations in order despite the performers encouragement to look at whichever one was free. This led to a pace determined by the slowest audience member and a long queue throughout the 3-hour set.