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Internationalisation and Education, is it becoming more of a dream than reality?

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posted on 2021-09-01, 14:56 authored by Gabriella RodolicoGabriella Rodolico, Mark Breslin
Gabriella Rodolico, Mark Breslin and a colleague from Italy, Anna Maria Mariani, investigated how remote cooperative teaching, based on mutual enrichment across international Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers, support active participation of students in international activities. They worked with year 3 undergraduate students studying at the University of Glasgow, School of Education, on the Master of Education (MEDuc) ITE programme and Italian student teachers on the course “Scienze della formazione” at the Niccolo’ Cusano University, Rome. Results revelaed a mutual enrichment and active participation which went beyond any expectations with elements of e-networking and overcome of language, communication and even possible stereotype barriers


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