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Installation exhibition of the Northern Fun Pubs, Wigan, March 2020.

posted on 2023-05-31, 14:47 authored by CHRISTOPHER BRADYCHRISTOPHER BRADY

My PhD Thesis concerns the Northern Fun Pubs (NFPs), and the camp entertainment that they created/generated, and the way in which straight people accessed this camp entertainment. The NFPs were entertainment venues which appeared in the North of England from 1973 to 1993, and with a few satalite NFPs in areas outside the North of England. Interestingly, these NFPs only appeared in the first instance due to serendipity - a happy accident...

...which my thesis unpacks.

My methodology was three fold: Oral History, Autoethnography and Practice Research. And here are two videos used as adjuncts in my PhD.

1. Footage from my Installtion at Wigan Museum March 2020.

In January 2020, I arranged for the Wigan Museum to curate an installation/exhibition of my research to date, about the Northern Fun Pubs (NFPs). The choice of location was significant, as it was an ideal locale to generate intrinsic interest. It opened for two weeks only and was curtailed by the world-wide Covid 19 pandemic.


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